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What folks are saying …

Each year, my school has a big Open House where students display work pertaining to a certain topic. This year, I chose to do ‘The Mojave Desert’ as my theme. Starting this week, my students are learning all about the desert, particularly desert animals. My mom is a kindergarten teacher in Thermal, California, and she sent me one of your books, ‘Desert Night Shift,’ as a gift. I just read it to my students and they loved it! It is the perfect balance between fun and facts. The back of the book with the wood rat information (size, diet, color, range) prompted my students to ask if they could do their own research on the computer and look up pictures of wood rats. We also talked about the vocabulary words on the ‘Some Words to Learn’ page, and we all learned a new word—midden! I plan on buying more of your desert animal books in the future. They are so much fun! Thank you for what you do!
Amelia Bauman, 3rd Grade Teacher, Fairmont Private School
Anaheim, California